St George Hospital and St George Private Hospital

I deliver at both the public and private hospitals. Both hospitals are located close to my rooms in Kogarah. The care at both is excellent.

Midwifery care at the public hospital and the facilities for dealing with serious medical problems are excellent. The special care nursery (for newborn babies) is well run and there is a paediatric registrar on site 24 hours a day. They will admit babies after 32 weeks pregnancy (if you labour before this you would need to be transferred to a hospital with a neonatal intensive care like the Royal hospital for Women or Royal Prince Alfred).

I do recommend the public hospital for women with serious medical problems or for those without private insurance who are paying to go there as private patients.

At St George Private Hospital the rooms are more spacious, and you are guaranteed a single room. The nursery is accredited to the same level as the public hospital but will only admit babies after 34 weeks and there is a resident available to look after medical problems with the babies and mothers 24 hours a day. The only criticism of the private hospital is that the postnatal care is sometimes not perfect when they are busy.

To provide you with the best antenatal care, my practice has it’s own midwife, Sallee Dwyer, who will consult you during your pregnancy and follow up with you once you are home with your baby. Sallee is also available via phone and email for questions as they arise throughout your pregnancy.

Hurstville Private Hospital

This hospital is comparable in most ways with St George Private Hospital, with about 25% of my patients selecting to have their baby at this hospital.

Hurstville Private Hospital was upgraded in 2015.

The nursery is similar to the Private Hospital and there is a resident available on site 24 hours a day

Fertility First Reproductive Health Centre

My wife, Dr Anne Clark, is the founder and Medical Director of Fertility First and internationally recognized as an expert on fertility health and well being.

If you are experiencing fertility problems or are seeking a referral to a fertility practice, I recommend Fertility First.

Fertility First is situated in Hurstville and has a full range of services for infertility issues.

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